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Arrowhead is Aware of Helldivers 2 Players Using Exploit to Easily Farm Super Credits

Farm Super Credits in Helldivers 2 Easy

Earlier this week, Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead released a new patch for the surprise smash-hit with a whole host of fixes. However, one issue that Arrowhead is aware of but hasn’t currently fixed is a popular exploit. The exploit allows Helldivers 2 players to easily farm Super Credits. Super Credits is the premium currency in […]

EA FC 24 TOTS Rewards: Red Picks Return in FUT Champs Update

With the warm up series for the FC 24 TOTS event currently running, EA has updated FUT with new rewards. With the FC 24 Team of The Season promotion expected to begin tomorrow, on April 19th, the Champions Final schedule in Ultimate Team has been extended to coincide with the largest annual event in EA’s […]

Why Can’t I Delete Valorant? Easy Solutions Offered

Valorant Gameplay Image How to Delete Valorant Featured Image

Trying to delete Valorant from your system? If you are having a hard time uninstalling Valorant it’s not a lost cause. Despite trying every trick in the book, if the question of why can’t I delete Valorant from my computer still exists, this guide is for you. How to Uninstall Riot Vanguard Riot Vanguard is […]

NieR: Automata Director Says Stellar Blade Is Better Than His Own Game

Stellar Blade's protagonist Eve

NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming action adventure game Stellar Blade. Shift Up’s game has taken inspiration from several iconic games of the past, one of which is obviously Nier. Now with the game’s impending release the creative director of Stellar Blade, Hyung-Tae Kim sat down alongside Yoko Taro […]

Helldivers 2 Patch Update Features Several Fixes

Helldivers 2 Wallpaper

Helldivers 2 has proved one of the biggest breakout games of 2024. It has rapidly become the top selling game on PSN and Steam in the US. Third party estimates predict the game has surpassed 8 million copies sold. Now today, the game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios and published by Sony has received a […]

Call of Duty 2024: Black Ops Gulf War May Feature Return of Controversial Perk

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wallpaper Feature Image

This year’s upcoming Call of Duty 2024, which is believed to be named Black Ops Gulf War, is expected to release this October. With anticipation growing for the new installment, prominent leakers have been constantly looking for anything new to share. As a result of this, leaks for Black Ops Gulf War have been coming […]

Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes Season 10 Wrecking Ball Rework & More

Overwatch 2 season 10 is right around the corner, fans are getting excited for the all the new content coming to the game with this season. Ahead of the season 10 launch Blizzard has revealed Overwatch 2 retail patch notes for April 16, 2024. Here are OW2 patch notes as announced in the Blizzard forum: […]

FC 24 ToTS Players: All Leaked Live Cards for EA FC 24 ToTS

Undoubtedly, the most anticipated promotion every year in the FIFA games is the Team of The Season event. With a warm up series already active ahead of the promotions official start, a series of social media leaks have already given us a good look at the upcoming FC 24 ToTS Players. One of the most […]

Genshin Impact 4.6 Banner Characters & Weapons Preview

Genshin Impact version 4.6 is stacked with a lot of new content including new artifacts, weekly bosses, characters and more. The new patch will roll out character and weapon banners in the usual two phases, with the first phase featuring the much awaited Arlecchino, a 5 star Pyro character. Genshin Impact 4.6 banner featuring Arlecchino […]

Genshin Impact Sethos Character Leaks & More

Genshin Impact recently teased a new character Sethos, a Sumeru native in 4.6 livestream and it has got everyone talking. He’s rumored to be a added as a playable character in the future updates of the game but for now he will appear in the game as an NPC from Sumeru. Here’s everything we know […]