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10 Best Young Defenders in EA FC 24 Career Mode For Growing a World Class Team


Based upon their maximum potential rating overall compared to their initial overall rating, in this article we seek to find the 10 best young defenders in EA FC 24. The 10 players on our list represent some of the best value for money, highest overall ratings and best potential to ensure you can create a truly world class defense.

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10. Arnau Martínez López

With a €33.2 Million valuation, Lopéz is a solid first addition to our list of the best young defenders in FC 24.

Arnau has an initial overall rating of 80 at just 20 years old. He also has the traits of Long Passer (CPU AI) and Flair. He can reach an overall potential of 86 and has a high attacking and medium defending work rate.

9. Destiny Iyenoma Udogie

#9 on our list is the 20 year old left back at Tottenham Hotspurs. Udogie has an initial value of €36 Million with a 79 overall.

With the potential to reach an 86 overall, the young left back is definitely one of the best young defenders in EA FC 24 to sign. The player is also tall at 6’1″ and left footed. With both his attacking and defensive work rates being rated as high, Udogie will certainly put in the work for your team, with his flair trait rounding him out as a solid full back.

8. Piero Hincapié

On the surface, Piero Hincapié ranks almost identically to Destiny Udogie. However, he has some traits which we think gives Bayer’s center back a slight edge on the list.

Just one year older than Udogie, Hincapié is 21 at the start of career mode and identically valued at €36 Million. He also has the same initial overall of 79 with the same potential overall skill rating of 86 and is just one inch shorter.

However, the player also has some interesting traits that help make him a worthwhile signing. These include GK Long Throw, Long Shot Taker (CPU AI), Long Passer (CPU AI) and both medium attacking and defensive work rates.

7. Rico Lewis

The Manchester City teenager is without a shread of doubt one of the best “value for money” signings available.

At just 18 years old, the player starts with the lowest initial overall on this list so far with just 74, however he has incredible growth potential. Fully interchangeable between being a right back or central defending midfielder, Rico Lewis can comfortably reach an overall rating of 87 given time.

As well as this, the young player has the long shot taker trait, 3 star skill move and weak foot ratings. All combined with his high attacking and medium defending work rate, the player’s value is a bargain €10.4 Million. Rico Lewis is a perfect young defensive prospect for your team, capable to grow into just as much of a history maker in-game as he’s proven to be in the real world.

6. Nuno Alexandre Tavares Mendes

He may not come particularly cheap with a starting value of €47.4 Million, but PSG’s Nuno Mendes is without doubt one of the best young defenders in EA FC 24 you could possibly sign.

Mendes has a high enough skill level to be a first team staple from day one as he has an initial skill overall of 82. Over time however, the 21 year old can grow to a full potential of 87.

That doesn’t tell the entire story though. His traits of Outside Foot Shot, Flair and Leadership combined with his high attacking and medium defensive work rates make him an incredible LB or LWB player and a solid option to captain your FIFA team.

5. Jorrel Hato

Without any doubt, Hato is the best player on this list for pure value for money. At just 17 years old, Hato can play in both CB and LB positions comfortably. He has a low initial overall of just 73, which is reflected in his valuation of just €7.1 Million.

However, he has very strong initial stats all-round for such a young player with the potential to grow to a truly world-class 88 rating. While he has no particularly interesting traits, the medium defensive and attacking work rates combined with his growth potential and low initial value make him undoubtedly one of the best young defenders in FC 24 to sign for your club’s long-term future.

4. António João Tavares Silva

Benfica’s 19 year-old center back is definitely one of my favourite defenders in FC 24. Valued at €31.1 Million, Antonio Silva is a truly stunning prospect.

The Portuguese player begins with a solid overall of 78 and has the potential to grow all the way to 88. Further though, his traits of Speed Dribbler (CPU AI), Long Shot Taker (CPU AI) and Early Crosser make him an incredible defender all around. He has a medium attacking work rate and a high defensive work rate.

3. Joško Gvardiol

Coming in at third place, Joško Gvardiol is certainly one of the best young defenders in EA FC 24. He doesn’t come particularly cheap with a €48.5 Million valuation, but he’s absolutely worth every penny of it.

Mainly played in CB, the Manchester City 21 year old can play just as comfortably in LB. He has a 3 star skill move rating and a 4 star weak foot, an overall rating of 82 and the potential to grow to 88.

The player becomes even more impressive the further you dive into his stats. He also has a high attacking work rate and a high attacking work rate. His traits are Long Passer (CPU AI), Early Crosser, Leadership and Dives Into Tackles (CPU AI). Gvardiol truly is everything you could want in a defender for your first team, with his young age and potential for growth making him a true must-sign player.

2. Alejandro Balde Martínez

It was a very difficult choice between our #1 and #2 rankings as there is very little between them. Álex
Balde solidly earns his place as one of the very best young defenders in EA FC 24.

At just 19 years old, the Barcelona left back has an overall skill rating of 81 and can also play in RB and LM positions without issue. The player has incredible pace, reflected in his 91 sprint speed, 90 acceleration and Speedster speciality.

He has a 3 star skill move rating and a 4 star weak foot rating. His attacking work rate is high and his defensive work rate is medium. Balde’s traits are Playmaker (CPU AI) and Long Passer (CPU AI).

Potentially, the player can reach a truly stunning 89 overall, making him fully worth his valuation of €57.8 Million.

1. Eduardo Camavinga

Truly, Eduardo Camavinga is the best young defender to sign in EA’s FC 24. While his main role is that of a Central Defensive Midfielder, he is instantly fully interchangeable as either a Left Back or Central Midfielder.

At just 20 years old, the Real Madrid superstar begins with an already impressive 82 overall, with the potential to reach a rating of 89. Camavinga’s attacking and defending work rates are both rated as high, he has a 4 star skill move rating and a 3 star weak foot rating.

The player also has an incredibly extensive list of solid traits that make him a nightmare for opposing attackers. Camavinga’s traits include Swerve Pass, Giant Throw-in, Power Header, Long Shot Taker (CPU AI) and Long Passer (CPU AI).

Camavinga is valued at €61.6 Million, which is a fantastic signing considering his age, beginning overall and final potential, which will allow him to reach values exceeding nine figures.


We hope that this article has proven useful to you in finding the best young defenders in EA FC 24. It can certainly be daunting to try and track down and find the best signings for your squad with each new iteration of the FIFA series.

Now that you have a solid knowledge of the best young defenders to sign in FC 24 for their overall ratings, potential and value, check out some of our other articles around the site to help round out your ultimate football squad. For example, we have also compiled a list to help you assemble the best attacking force in FC 24 as well as a list of the 10 best overall players, which you can find linked below:

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