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Arrowhead is Aware of Helldivers 2 Players Using Exploit to Easily Farm Super Credits

Farm Super Credits in Helldivers 2 Easy

Earlier this week, Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead released a new patch for the surprise smash-hit with a whole host of fixes. However, one issue that Arrowhead is aware of but hasn’t currently fixed is a popular exploit.

The exploit allows Helldivers 2 players to easily farm Super Credits. Super Credits is the premium currency in Helldivers 2, allowing players to purchase a range of cosmetics and warbonds in the game. Rather uniquely in the microtransaction era however, the premium currency is also earned for free simply for playing the game.

Super Credits are often earned randomly throughout Helldivers 2, in random underground bunkers and chests, you will find ample amounts of 10 figure chunks. Naturally, these small chunks add up over time to become significant.

However, recently a new exploit in how missions are generated has been getting abused by players to allow them to pick up the same Super Credits repeatedly. It’s not a fast process, but it is reliable, allowing players a very easy exploit to farm Super Credits in Helldivers 2.

The exploit was initially pointed out on the game’s official Discord, with basic instruction on how to do it, by community member “CyberViper”. Since then, Arrowhead has now acknowledged the exploit.

In a swift response to the user, an Arrowhead community manager stated: “Hi! We’re aware of this undemocratic behavior. Thanks for doing your sworn duty and reporting it, though. Hooah!”

It is unknown when exactly a fix will come, as there has been no announcement beyond that. However, it seems likely this will be a high priority for the team at Arrowhead. The issue however, is that the team does have more pressing matters.

Taking top priority for Arrowhead currently seems to be fixing the issue with fire, after devs admitted the way it currently works is “ridiculous” and needs reworking as a whole.

This is certainly going to be no small feat to completely rework the entire fire system and with Helldivers 2 being such a massively unexpected success, Arrowhead is still a small team, admittedly struggling to find enough time to bring all needed fixes. As such, while Arrowhead is aware of the Super Credit farming exploit, a solution may not be imminent.