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COD Warzone: Player Finds Secret Area on Rebirth Island Which Disables Aim Assist

Rebirth Island Aim Assist Doesn't Work in Secret Location

Taking to Reddit to post his discovery, a player of Call of Duty Warzone has managed to find a secret area on the Rebirth Island map in which aim assist doesn’t work.

Ever since the release of Warzone, there has long been aggression between mouse and keyboard players and controller players due to the level of aim assist. In both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, the aim assist is pretty strong, which causes several mouse and keyboard players to believe it gives controller players a significant advantage.

Due to all recent Call of Duty entries being cross-platform, including Warzone, this has lead to a lot of debate regarding the effectiveness of the aim assist, as the majority of PC players will be using keyboard and mouse, while console players almost exclusively use controller.

Where Does Aim Assist Not Work in Warzone’s Rebirth Island?

On the Reddit thread posted by the player that made the discovery, the Reddit user “BoyGnetik” showed in a short video the exact location where aim assist didn’t appear to work. As seen in the video posted to Reddit below, the location is on the ground floor of the control center’s main building in Rebirth Island.

You can view the video on the original Reddit thread below, in which despite using a controller, BoyGnetik found that he had no aim assist in the location.

Video Showing Location in Rebirth Island Where Aim Assist Doesn’t Work

In the comments of the Reddit thread, the video reignited the long-running debate between controller and MnK players, the latter of which felt it showed how bad a lot of controller player’s aim is without the strong level of assistance given.

Clearly however, this is a glitch. Disabling the feature in a certain zone of Rebirth Island in Warzone is definitely not something we would expect to see on purpose and therefore we wonder whether the recent find by BoyGnetik is likely to lead to it being fixed in an upcoming Call of Duty patch as it gains attention.

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