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Stellar Blade Update Adds Boss Challenge Mode & New Content

Image showcasing Eve and Stellar Blade's boss, Abaddon

Stellar Blade’s 1.003 patch went live on May 24, 2024. This is the first major update the game has received after its Day One Patch. Boss challenge mode, which was in the works since the game released, was added to the game along with new outfits for Eve.

Players can now challenge previously defeated bosses in the new Boss Challenge/Boss Rush mode which is loaded from the game’s main menu. Eve’s newly added outfits in Stellar Blade 1.003 update are uncensored and re-colored variants of the existing Nano Suits in the game (more information below).

Stellar Blade New Update Adds Boss Challenge Mode

The boss challenge mode of Stellar Blade will have players go against the 19 bosses in the base game. The mode will also allow players to challenge the bosses on Hard difficulty setting, once they have seen any ending of the game.

The “boss challenge mode” is customizable in three ways before the player initiate’s the challenge:

  1. Players Build: Choose your existing gears and skills from your saved playthrough
  2. Minimum Preset: All of Eve’s skills and gears are at its minimum
  3. Maximum Preset: All of Eve’s skills and gears are maxed out to their highest level.

At the end of the challenge players will receive their battle data which will show metrics like battle time, number of perfect parries and dodges, consumable usage, and more.

Players who defeat all bosses in the Boss Challenge on Normal difficulty setting or higher will earn Neurolink Suit for Eve.

New Nano Suits

Stellar Blade’s 1.003 patch added five new Nano Suits to the game. When players install the update, Black Kunoichi and White Kunoichi are automatically unlocked with one as a reward for boss challenge.

The other two Eve’s outfits; Midsummer Alice or Midsummer Redhood were secretly added and can be purchased from Roxanne in Xion. Both of these outfits were not mentioned in the official PlayStation Blog prior to the update.

After the Day One patch censored Eve’s Bunny suit, Shift UP faced significant backlash. Finally, with this new update, fans can acquire re-colored, uncensored variants of the Holiday Rabbit outfit and Cybernetic Bondage outfit.

Quality-of-life Changes

  • Switching to ranged attack mode and switch backing while locked on to an enemy, will automatically lock on to the enemy again.
  • Added option to always show the compass in HUD.
  • Slightly increased the time limit for puzzles.
  • Minor bug fixes for trophies, and in-game events

Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive title developed by Shift Up. You can download the update 1.003 now from the platform.

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