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Stellar Blade Day One Patch Fixes Input Lag For Combat Mechanics & More

Stellar Blade Eve day one patch

The long awaited PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade is out and the developer Shift Up is already focused on improving its gameplay experience. The day one patch for Stellar Blade has fixed some of the clunky mechanics of the game that were reported when its demo first released. Also, more content with New Game plus mode has been added.

The patch fixed input lag for blocking and parrying as well as for basic attacks. The game previously had over 180 ms of delay between input from controller and character movement.

Stellar Blade's Eve with glasses

The latest Stellar Blade patch has fixed parrying & blocking timings to make the combat feel more responsive. Furthermore, there were small changes made to display settings: Chromatic aberration and grain noise effects can now be toggled on/off.

This is a big improvement for Stellar Blade, as the old parry timings were way off which made it harder to deflect even easier incoming attacks.

Stellar Blade’s New Game Plus Mode Adds Extra Gear Levels, Skills, & Costumes

Stellar Blade’s New Game Plus adds a total of 34 new costumes for Eve, additional costumes for Adam, Lily, and the Drone were also added. The mode also adds extra skill tree slots which will make Beta Charge and Burst Skill even more powerful to match with tougher enemies.

Stellar Blade new skill tree in NG Plus Mode

NG+ exclusive costume for Eve: The Crew Style

Stellar Blade New Game Plus Eve Costume Crew Style

New skills

As revealed in PlayStation Blog, in New Game Plus, players will be able to earn Infinite skills that are enhancements to existing Beta Skills.

  • 4 new Beta skill moves
  • 8 new skills to enhance Beta/Burst skills
  • 5 new Drone skills

New Levels for Eve’s Gear

Level expansion for Weapon, Body Core, Beta Core and Tumbler:

  • Weapon – 15 -> 40
  • Body – 6 -> 9
  • Beta – 6 -> 9
  • Tumbler – 5 -> 13
  • Remaining cores could be sold at SP0-tt2r’s shop to acquire Vitcoin, which could be used to purchase new costume items.

Stellar Blade is now out for PS5, if you are still having second thoughts on buying the game, you can check out Stellar Blade Demo which is nearly hour and a half long and will let you carry over the progress to the full game. You can also check out our Stellar Blade Guides for difficult puzzles and quests.

For those who don’t know Stellar Blade is released uncensored in all regions and the game has even received praise from NieR: Automata’s director Yoko Taro.