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NieR: Automata Director Says Stellar Blade Is Better Than His Own Game

Stellar Blade's protagonist Eve

NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming action adventure game Stellar Blade. Shift Up’s game has taken inspiration from several iconic games of the past, one of which is obviously Nier. Now with the game’s impending release the creative director of Stellar Blade, Hyung-Tae Kim sat down alongside Yoko Taro for an interview to discuss their games.

Eve from Stellar Blade and 2B from Nier Automata

Yoko Taro claimed that Stellar Blade is much superior to NieR: Automata and also provided reasons for why he believes that.

“Stellar Blade is a really amazing game. I’d say that it’s much better than NieR:Automata. I have been acquainted with Mr. Kim’s works since Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. Your illustrations are of a very high quality. Magna Carta: Tears of Blood came out before Drakengard, the first game I directed. So while I’m the older one, to me, in this industry you’re my senior.”

Yoko Taro, Director, Nier: Automata

Yoko Taro went on to compliment Eve’s design saying that Stellar Blade’s protagonist is more appealing to Japanese audience compared to 2B’s non conventional design. He also praised the game’s graphics and settings stating that the creative approach of the Shift Up’s game is exactly what gamers want.

It’s just a matter of taste. Stellar Blade’s protagonist EVE is really appealing too. Your art style really appeals to a Japanese audience. Stellar Blade’s graphics, setting and characters are really a style I think Japanese gamers love. If you were to show someone that has no prior knowledge NieR: Automata and Stellar Blade, I think almost all of them would pick Stellar Blade. A white-haired character like 2B is not as conventional.

Yoko Taro, Director, Nier: Automata

Stellar Blade is set to release on 26 April 2024 as a Playstation exclusive title. The game can be pre-ordered through the PS store with options for standard and Deluxe editions. Stellar Blade’s demo version is out and PS5 owners can play it for free by downloading it from the Playstation Store.