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Stellar Blade Boss Challenge Mode Currently Being Planned, Confirms Director

Eve in Skin Suit, a cutscene from Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade started off with a healthy deal of excitement from gamers, though not without some minor hiccups. That said, the game continues to receive more content as seen in day-one patch and now there is more content confirmed to be in works for Stellar Blade.

The game’s director, Kim Hyung-tae has confirmed that a Boss Challenge Mode is currently being planned. The Shift Up CEO was in a conversation with South Korean outlet Nate and stated that the team is currently working on creating the mode.

The protagonist of Stellar Blade, Eve, engaged in a battle with the game-boss, Gigas

Specific details for the same are still under the folds. It’s up to anyone’s guess whether players will be able to use healing items within battles, or how many bosses they will be able to focus on.

It could be similar to Sekiro’s “Gauntlets of Strength” Boss rush mode where Eve can challenge all the game’s bosses back to back.

Hyung-tae also hinted that the Boss Challenge Mode is the next thing in line for Stellar Blade. He said that the Shift Up team for the game is yet to do any major planning on DLC expansion packs or continuous free updates.

Stellar Blade Reaches Number 1 Spot In The UK

While some fans are busy campaigning against Sony’s censorship of in-game content, Stellar Blade is turning out to be quite successful. As per a recent report, the game has reached the top spot on the UK sales chart. The Shift Up game is above the likes of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Topspin 2K25, and Hogwarts Legacy.

With successive updates and more finessing of the game, Stellar Blade is expected to become only more popular.