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How to Unlock Eve’s Bunny Suit In Stellar Blade

Holiday Rabbit Outfit thumbnail

Stellar Blade’s infamous Bunny Suit is called Holiday Rabbit in-game. The outfit can be unlocked after its crafting items have been collected from the Wasteland region. This guide will show you how to get there, and a look at the Bunny Suit’s uncensored version from before Stellar Blade’s day one patch.

This article contains minor spoilers for Stellar Blade

How to get the Holiday Rabbit Outfit for Eve

The Holiday Rabbit Nano suit design pattern is found in the Wasteland Basin. You can get here by heading northeast on the main Wasteland map. Find the waypoint marked in the map below and go to the open arena in the Scrapyard.

Stellar Blade's Map showcasing location of the Holiday Rabbit Outfit crafting item

The Bunny Suit crafting item here is guarded by the Corrupter boss. The fight with him will trigger automatically when Eve enters anywhere near the marked area. The chest containing “Design Pattern: Holiday Rabbit” is available to collect after the player defeats the boss and three droid enemies behind him. As for the next step on how to craft the outfit, keep reading.

Eve acquiring Holiday Rabbit design pattern from a chest in Stellar Blade

How to Craft Holiday Rabbit Outfit in Stellar Blade

After collecting the Design Pattern for the suit, you can craft it in a Repair Console in Supply Camps. Aside from the design pattern, you’ll also need Extreme Polymer Material, Advanced Polymer Material and Polymer Material to craft Holiday Rabbit Nano suit.

In-game screenshot of Stellar Blade showcasing Eve's Holiday Rabbit outfit crafting in repair console

Appearance of the Stellar Blade Bunny Suit Before And After Censorship

Stellar Blade collage showing Eve's Holiday Outfit before day one patch and after censorship
Stellar blade censorship comparison before and after

As you can see in the above comparison, Stellar Blade version Holiday Rabbit Suit censors Eve’s cleavage. This has upsetted many players as Shift Up and Sony advertised the uncensored version of the outfit in the game trailers and pre-release copies that reviewers and content creators received ahead of the game’s launch.

Uncensored version of Holiday Rabbit is still available in physical discs of Stellar Blade and players can access it if they install the game without the day-one patch. However, if you connect your PS5 to the internet the game will force you to play the patched version even if you disable auto-updates.

Grummz (aka Mark Kern) who started to start a petition on to fight Sony’s censorship also pointed out the same. He has been constantly posting about Stellar Blade on social media. He has also raised over Sony’s unforeseen censorship of the game.

The outrage over Sony’s censorship of Stellar Blade is so strong that ‘Free Stellar Blade’ movement has gained a huge momentum across all social media platforms. As a consequence, a large number of players are signing the petition against outfit censorship. If you are interested you can sign the petition by clicking here.

Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive title now available in all regions.