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Stellar Blade: How To Unlock The Cyber Magician Suit

Stellar Blade's protagonist Eve in Cyber Magician Outfit

The Cyber Magician suit is an unlockable outfit for Eve in Stellar Blade, this guide will cover how to get it.

With some ranged ammo on hand, travel to the Wasteland region and head to the upper northeast part of the map called Wasteland Basin (check map below). Here you will find a pressure plate puzzle which upon solving will get you one step closer to unlocking The Cyber Magician suit.

Stellar Blade Map showcasing location to Cyber Magician chest and a related puzzle

How To Solve The Pressure Plate Puzzle To Unlock The Cyber Magician Outfit In Stellar Blade

Eve in Stellar Blade solving an in-game puzzle

The pressure plate puzzle here is straightforward: first move the small cart to the left to get the large movable block out. Now use the same cart again and move it to the pressure plate where the second small cart is to get it out.

In-game screenshot showcasing protagonist of Stellar Blade moving a cart

Now, move both of the small carts to the two pressure spots beside the gate. This will open the gate and make way for you to freely move the big orange block to the other side where the chest containing Design Pattern: Cyber Magician is.

Once you place the orange block on the pressure spot outside the gate, a rope will drop down, use it to reach the higher surface to find a red chest with a 10 on it. To unlock the chest you’ll have to complete a shooting challenge which is started as soon you press R2.

Shoot down all the flying targets except for the red ones. Once you complete this challenge, the Design Pattern for the Cyber Magician outfit is yours to grab, use it at a repair console to craft the nano suit.

Cyber Magician outfit in Stellar Blade

Make sure to get this and other Eve’s outfits like the Bunny Suit which is also found in the Wasteland region before the point of no return which will make you unable to travel to previous areas.. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can acquire it in your NG+ playthrough by following the exact same process. New Game plus content in Stellar Blade featuring additional outfits was added with the day one patch.

Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive title released on April 26, 2024.