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How to Solve Clock Tower Time Puzzle in Stellar Blade

Eve from Stellar Blade in front of the Clock Tower in Edios 7 region of the Game

The Clock Tower Time puzzle in Stellar Blade is part of the Scavenger Adam main quest. You’ll encounter this puzzle as you progress through the quest, and solving it is essential to advance to the Hall of Records. This guide will help you open the door tied to the clock tower time.

Once Eve traverses upwards in the Plaza Entryway in Edios 7, a cutscene involving a big clock tower will play. Afterwards you’ll come across a locked door with “CLUB BPEMA” sign which will ask you to enter the time being shown on the clock tower. The solution is 1225. Entering this pass will unlock the door allowing you to continue with the quest.

Eve solving Clock Tower Time Puzzle in Stellar Blade

Adam will guide you with his drone for the most part of this main quest, but for discovering collectibles, chests and other items found this region you’ll be on your own. Since Eidos 7 is the first major region in Stellar Blade, you’ll be introduced to several game mechanics that will be very useful for future quests.

While completing the Scavenger Adam main quest, you might notice a slight delay in parrying and dodge timings, this can be improved with items and skills you’ll unlock later in the game. However, this input delay is deliberate according to the game’s director and is part of the game’s animation style. This means you’ll just have to get used to it.

Check out Stellar Blade’s day one patch notes which made dodging and parrying slightly responsive. The patch also added new content to the game.