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Gray Zone Warfare: How to Complete Medical Detective

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With a rather infamous reputation among Gray Zone Warfare players, one mission you’re likely to eventually receive is Medical Detective. In Gunny’s mission, you have to complete a set of four tasks. Each of these tasks relates to finding evidence against a thief that has stolen the faction’s medical supplies. Below, we have a step by step guide to complete Medical Detective in the new early-access hit.

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Gray Zone Warfare Medical Detective Guide

To complete the medical detective mission in Gray Zone Warfare, you will need to complete four steps in order. These are:

  • 1: Locate the medical office in your starter town
  • 2: Locate the doctor’s key to enter that medical office
  • 3: Investigate and get your hands on the doctor’s diary as evidence
  • 4: Return the evidence to Gunny and collect your reward

Below, we will lay out in detail how to complete each step, easily and simply.

1: Locate The Medical Office

The location of the Medical Office will be different depending on which faction you are in and the starter town. The building will be a small, single story off-white building, with a brown roof and a large pale green sign overhead. The sign has a common medical symbol on it, which should make it clearer to see that you have the right place. While the location varies slightly, below is a picture of the usual look of the Medical Office building, as well as co-ordinates that should make it easier to locate.

Lamang: 205, 163.

Crimson: 141, 166.

Mithras: 169, 116.

2: Locate the Doctor’s Key

There isn’t an exact location for the doctor’s key in Medical Detective, however, it is entirely needed to proceed any further with the mission.

To obtain the doctor’s key, you must go to your respective town and begin to eliminate enemies. Loot all of the enemies you kill, as one of the AI will spawn the doctor’s key, allowing you to loot it from their body and proceed onwards to the third step.

3: Enter the Medical Office and Locate the Evidence

Once you have the doctor’s key, it’s time to gather the evidence. You will need to head back to the Medical Office and use your key to gain entry. At this point, look for the doctor’s diary on a desk, as pictured above. This is all the evidence you need to complete the mission. Be sure to stash it into your loot box, then head back to your camp for the 4th and final step.

4: Return the Evidence to Gunny and Collect Your Reward

Once you have the diary, simply head back to your base camp and hand the evidence to Gunny. You can speed this up by going to an extraction area and taking a helicopter back to base. Once you arrive, simply open up the menu and click on “Vendors”. From the Vendors screen, you can select Gunny and click on “Hand Over” under Objectives. As soon as you select hand over, you will have completed the Medical Detective mission, and all associated rewards will be redeemable.

Gray Zone Warfare is currently available exclusively on Steam, through its early access program.

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