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The Planet Crafter: How to Find The Mushroom River

The Planet Crafter How to Find The Mushroom River

The Planet Crafter is a fantastic open-world exploration game that left Steam’s early access and officially launched last month. One of the most common questions that players have for The Planet Crafter is how to find the mushroom river. In this guide, we will lay out the location of the mushroom river, including co-ordinates and notable areas that make it easier for you to find. As well as this, we will explore the various items you can find in the unique area and their exact locations.

The mushroom river is a huge and expansive underground cave in the planet crafter. With a large pink river running through it, the area is covered in a pink fog and filled with large mushrooms. Rather uniquely, the pink water in the mushroom river is still in liquid form before you begin any terraforming.

Mushroom River Entrances

The mushroom river has three seperate entrances and exits. My personal favourite for the simple ease of finding it is in a passage beyond a waterfall. However, you can also find entrances to the mushroom river from the meteor field to the east, or from a narrow passage to the south, opposite the volcano.

The co-ordinates of the three mushroom river entrances are as follows:

West Entrance: From the Waterfall accessed through an entrance at -207:58:778.

East Entrance: From the Meteor Field accessed through an entrance at -231:45:58. A message you receive from Riley in your comms screen refers to this entrance: “Try to reach this place: -248:42:93”.

South Entrance: Opposite the volcano, aim for the co-ordinates -430:-30:208, which are inside the cave if you are looking for this entrance, as it’s very narrow and difficult to spot from the outside.

What Can I Find in The Mushroom River?

Note: From this point on, the article contains potential spoilers that may hinder your enjoyment of the game. Only proceed to read on if you are not concerned about this.

Entering the mushroom river will allow you to gain your first Warden’s Key in the game. To begin, first head to the warden’s altar in the center of the cave system, located at the co-ordinates -218:-43:489. Once there, click on the Warden’s Altar and take the key.

The Mushroom River First Warden's Altar

As you see, the first Warden’s Altar features a set of co-ordinates on it that take you to a second Warden’s Altar, where you can place the key you remove from this first Altar.

The Mushroom River Second Warden's Altar

Once you head to the co-ordinates of the second Warden’s Altar, click on it and insert the Warden’s Key you obtained as above. Once you do this, the large, strange wall nearby opens up, revealing a secret passageway.

The Secret Passageway in The Mushroom River

As soon as you enter the door, you will find a large long passageway that opens up to a big room, filled with pillars. At the back of the room, there are two doors. One on the far left side and one on the far right. Go through the passage on the left and you will enter the below room, with another Warden’s Key available for you to pick up from another Altar. However, don’t forget to read the stones on each side of the large open room, as they feature significant world-building regarding the planet’s history and the mysterious Warden’s.

The Mushroom River Left Side Warden's Altar

Conversely, the passageway on the right side does not have anything for you to grab, nor any additional areas you can access. Instead, it gives you a view of a large ship hidden in the area, an interesting insight into the Warden’s you learn about as you navigate the world of The Island Crafter.

The Mushroom River Warden's Spaceship

Leaving the secret base there are two more things for us to find inside The Mushroom River. The first is a message from the Warden’s. This is located on some of the scaffolding nearby, at the co-ordinates -414:-42:107.

Finally, you can find a golden crate full of some high quality loot at can be found in the river at -422:-56:111. This is everything there is to find in The Mushroom River.

We hope this has helped you regarding How to Find The Mushroom River in The Planet Crafter. In future articles we will explore more of the hidden areas, secrets and questions regarding the planet terraforming hit. In the meantime however, why not check out some of our other guides, such as How to Unlock Double Jump in Stellar Blade.