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Stellar Blade: How To Unlock Double Jump

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Stellar Blade provides players with a very big skill tree to unlock as they progress the game. Out of many unlockable skills in the skill tree, there are a few like “Double Jump” which can only be unlocked after completing certain quests. Here’s how to unlock double jump early in Stellar Blade.

Double Jump skill in Stellar Blade is unlocked automatically at the end of the “Light of Hope” mission. This mission starts right after the player completes fourth main quest Altess Levoire.

Skill Tree In Stellar Blade Showcasing Double Jump Skill

How To Unlock Double Jump In Stellar Blade

After getting out of Altess Levoire, talk to Adam near the Tetrapod and ask him to fly the safehouse back to Xion. Once in Xion, go to the Presence Chamber and Speak with Orcal. He will tell you a new Alpha Naytiba location and you’ll be transported to the town where you can continue the main mission.

To conclude “Light of Hope” return to the Tetrapod and a cutscene will play, where Lily will introduce Eve her two new inventions: an Alpha locator signal and a modification to Eve’s body which unlocks the Double Jump skill.

Getting the Double Jump skill from Lily will mark the end of “Light of Hope” mission. You can choose to explore Xion for more side quests or talk to Adam to go to the new area Matrix 11 which will start the sixth main quest in Stellar Blade, Alpha Signal.

Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive title released on April 26, 2024.

You can check out official PlayStation blog for more details on Stellar Blade Day One Patch.