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Stellar Blade Input Delay Was Deliberate, Says Director Kim Hyung-tae

An in-game fight involving the protagonist of Stellar Blade with a monstrous entity Abaddon

Stellar Blade has already undergone some changes with its day-one patch. With the patch having improved the game on the input lag during parrying and blocking, it appears that the lag was deliberate. The game’s director Kim Hyung-tae revealed in a recent interview that the input delay in Stellar Blade was well-intended.

While speaking with 4Gamer, Hyung-tae addressed the 0.5-second lag and said that it was a decision based on the animation style of the game. While he said that the delay couldn’t have been reduced any further, the day-one patch has already improved upon it.

In Stellar Blade, there is about a 0.5 second lag between the moment you press the button and the moment the skill is visible on-screen. We made it so that the character’s movement does not get triggered immediately upon button press, as we felt this would not fit the game’s style of animation. It’s a time lag that can’t be reduced any further”

Kim Hyung-tae in a conversation with 4Gamer
Stellar Blade Main Character Eve in her Skin Suit

It’s important to note that the day-one patch of Stellar Blade hasn’t completely eliminated the input lag. It is still there just a bit reduced compared to the pre-patch version. If you are coming from Fromsoft games like Sekiro and Elden Ring, you’ll still notice the delay on roll dodging and parrying.

Shift Up Promises To Make More Changes to Stellar Blade

While several users had pointed out issues with the PS5-exclusive game upon release, the patch addressed a lot of them. Moreover, Hyung-tae also said in the same interview that any updates for the game will follow user feedback that SHIFT UP Corporation receives.

As with most new titles, Stellar Blade is likely to undergo successive updates as players discover different facets of the game. They will likely make more adjustments to parry timings if players keep asking for it.

The game has also received some aesthetic updates. Most notably the update changed the Stellar Blade “Hard R” graffiti after significant backlash. Even Sony commented on the visual saying it was “unintentional”.

Stellar Blade is now out on PS5.