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Elden Ring All Quest Failure Points & Missable Items

Missable Items Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s vast open-world setting and complex questlines make it nearly impossible to get all items and quests in your first playthrough. Furthermore, there are items in the game that are locked behind quests and some are easily missable due to how the game environment changes at certain points.

Three different events in Elden Ring.
From left to right, Malenia's room after the boss fight, White Mask Varré, and Latenna

Elden Ring NPC quest failure points & missable items

In this article, you will find a list of all such missable items and NPC quest failure points that you need to look out for.

Failure #1: Enter Liurnia.
Missable: Sitting Sideways gesture.
Failure #2: Burn the Erdtree before helping her become a spirit tuner and speaking to her after upgrading a spirit to +4.
Missable: Curtsy gesture.


Failure: Give him a Larval Tear before completing his quest.
Missable: My Lord gesture.


Failure: Kill Maliketh.
Missable: Inner Order gesture, Inseparable Sword armament.

Failure: Enter Mountaintops of the Giants.
Missable: Raptor of the Mists ash.
Note: Even if his quest is failed, Yura's weapon can be obtained from his last location, and his armor can be obtained from Shabriri.

Failure: None.
Missable: Glintstone Kris armament, Shard Spiral sorcery, Lusat's armor set, Azur's armor set.

Failure: None.
Missable: Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.
Note: Jerren can be killed after assisting him for his armor set.

9.White Mask Varre
Failure: None.
Missable: Bravo! gesture. This is obtained after having audience with the Fingers, either by speaking to him, or by touching his message at First Step. This is not normally missable, but progressing his quest at Rose Church will cause the message and gesture to disappear.

Failure: Kill Rykard before completing Patches' assassination.
Missable: Bull-Goat armor set, Magma Whip Candlestick armament, the following gestures: Grovel For Mercy, Patches' Crouch, Extreme Repentance.

Failure: None.
Missable: Triumphant Delight gesture. The gesture is not normally missable, but entering Altus Plateau will cause him to skip ahead in his quest to Mt. Gelmir.

Failure: None.
Missable: Erdsteel Dagger armament OR Golden Seed. Completing his quest rewards the dagger, and killing him gives the Seed.

Failure: Start the Radahn Festival by entering Altus Plateau or by exploring Siofra River without Blaidd.
Missable: Finger Snap gesture.



Failure: Burn the Erdtree or turn her into your puppet.
Missable: Arsenal Charm talisman, Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. The talisman is missable if you did not speak with her in Stormveil before killing Godrick.
Note: Failing her quest causes her to drop two Stormhawk Axe armaments, and killing her causes her to drop one, which are the only ways of getting two in one playthrough. Failing her quest by turning her into your puppet does not cause her to drop her armaments.





Failure: Burn the Erdtree before solving Goldmask's dilemma.
Missable: Prayer gesture, Discus of Light incantation, Immutable Shield incantation.

Failure: Burn the Erdtree before solving Goldmask's dilemma.
Missable: Golden Order Totality gesture, Goldmask's armor set.

Failure: Kill Rykard before completing Bernahl's assassination.
Missable: Raging Wolf armor set, Gelmir's Fury sorcery, the following ashes: Stamp (Upward Cut), Kick, Endure, War Cry, Spinning Slash, Impaling Thrust, Quickstep, Storm Blade, Parry, No Skill, Eruption, Assassin's Gambit. The ashes are not normally missable, but can be missed if you didn't buy them from Bernahl before killing him when he invades you in Faram Azula.
Note: Bernahl will not sell Eruption or Assassin's Gambit until you join Volcano Manor, which includes on his bell bearing should you kill him at Warmaster's Shack.

Failure: Kill Rykard before speaking to Rya in her secret hideout in Volcano Manor, or give Rya the Tonic of Forgetfulness.
Missable: Daedicar's Woe talisman.

25.Great Horned Tragoth
Failure: Killing him for Tanith after joining the Volcano Manor
Missable:"Casual Greeting" Gesture
Note: Acquire this gesture by summoning him against Magma Wyrm Makar, Draconic Tree Sentinel or Starscourge Radahn. If you defeat any of these bosses without summoning him you will miss the gesture. Easiest way to get this is by summoning him for the Magma Wyrm Makar fight at Ruin-Strewn Precipice before initiating Tanith's quest .

Failure: Kill Rykard.
Missable: Magma Shot sorcery, Serpentbone Blade armament, Taker's Cameo talisman.
Note: Though killing Rykard fails her quest, if you completed an assassination before killing Rykard, she will leave behind the most recent reward.


Failure: None.
Missable: Rotten Winged Sword Insignia talisman OR Millicent's Prosthesis talisman. Assisting her at the end of her quest rewards the Insignia, and challenging her at the end of her quest or killing her early rewards the Prosthesis.


Failure: Enter Mountaintops of the Giants without starting her quest, or discard her ash after getting it.
Missable: Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.
Note: The Latenna the Albinauric spirit can be obtained regardless of her quest.

31.Gideon Ofnir

32.Ranni the Witch

Failure: Give the Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni.
Missable: Magic Scorpion Charm talisman, Nepheli puppet, Dung Eater puppet.
Notes: The Nepheli puppet cannot be obtained if you progress her quest past where she is in despair; giving the potion to Gideon will prevent you from getting either puppet; as you only have one potion, you may only receive one of the two puppets per playthrough.

34.Dung Eater
Failure: None.
Missable: Omen armor set. This is not normally missable, but if you turn the Dung Eater into your puppet then reload the area before killing him, he will disappear.

Failure: Enter Volcano Manor without buying Rya's Necklace and at least 1 Boiled Prawn from him.
Missable: Seedbed Curse, ability to purchase Boiled Prawn and Boiled Crab, Spread Out gesture, Braggart's Roar ash.
Note: Boggart's Seedbed Curse is not required for Dung Eater's quest.




Failure: Enter Leyndell.
Missable: Outer Order gesture for not speaking to her at the Minor Erdtree Church.

Failure: Kill Rykard before exhausting his dialogue and he reaches the step where he calls himself a fool.
Missable: Companion Jar talisman, Hoslow Petal Whip, Diallos's Mask
Note: This is not fully tested, but anon can confirm he will not move to Jarburg until all possible NPCs have left Volcano Manor after he no longer appears.

Failure: None.

Failure: Kill Maliketh.
Missable: Sanctified Whetblade, Golden Seed x2, Cracked Pot, Perfume Bottle x2, By My Sword gesture, Barrier of Gold incantation, Flightless Bird Painting / Fire's Deadly Sin incantation, the following armaments: Black Bow, Bolt of Gransax, Cane Sword, Coded Sword, Gravel Stone Seal, Hammer; the following armor: Omensmirk Mask helmet, Imp Head (Corpse) helmet, Deathbed Dress chest, Alberich's armor set, Lionel's armor set, Raging Wolf armor set, Duelist armor set.
Note: While not a quest per se, progressing the story will make the above unavailable.

Failure: None.
Missable: Reverential Bow gesture if you interrupt him, then kill him.

Failure: None.
Missable: Hoslow's Oath gesture if you interrupt him, then kill him.

Failure: Kill Radahn.
Missable: Polite Bow gesture if you don't speak to her.

Big thanks that one anon on /vg/ for compiling this list

If you have missed any of these items listed above, don’t worry; you can still get them in your second playthrough. With the Shadow of The Erdtree DLC release right around the corner, players are getting back into Elden Ring and preparing for the upcoming content. And there is no better way to get ready than by completing all the quests, endings and obtaining best weapons you might have missed.