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Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Release Date, Maps and More

Warzone Mobile Global Release Image

Set to be published by long-time Call of Duty developer, Activision, we finally have a release date for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. In a recently published post on the official Call of Duty website, Activision has also detailed many of the features to expect in the upcoming mobile installment of the CoD series. In this article we’ll guide you through all of the key news. This will include the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile release date, initial maps, game screenshots and an official launch date reveal trailer.

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Release Date and Maps

With Activision announcing that 45 Million players pre-registered at “Call of Duty Next” for Warzone Mobile, the long wait without an announced release date is finally over. The team at Activision has now confirmed that the Warzone Mobile release date is set for a global launch on March 21st 2024.

As well as confirming the release date, Activision developers have confirmed the maps that will be available on launch for Warzone Mobile. The iconic Verdansk and Rebirth Island maps from the console and PC version’s of Warzone will both be part of Warzone mobile at release. Whether more maps are to be added at a later date is currently unknown.

Platform Sharing in Warzone

Another feature confirmed by Activision in the official announcement is the ability for platform sharing in Warzone Mobile. This means that your XP progression in both levels and weapons is also going to be shared between the console and PC versions of both Warzone and Modern Warfare III.

Activision have stated that the shared progression will be transferred continuously and that the process will be entirely seamless. This is great as it will mean that you can finish playing a game on Warzone Mobile, then instantly switch over to your PC or console and have no delay in your progression.

Multiplayer & Battle Royale Modes

While the main focus of Warzone Mobile is the battle royale mode that Warzone is most known for, it rather surprisingly is also going to feature a regular multiplayer mode. Warzone mobiles will be able to enjoy multiplayer on several modes and maps from the console and PC counterparts.

These include Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed and Search & Destroy, including Hardcore variants. As well, for the multiplayer maps, Activision have already confirmed the game will feature the fan-favourites Shipment, Shoot House, and Scrapyard. They have however also teased that it will not be limited to just those maps.

Launch Trailer

To accompany the Warzone Mobile Launch’s official release date announcement and information, Activision have also created a teaser trailer for the upcoming CoD entry. The trailer itself doesn’t really give us any information besides the release date. However, it’s great to see the effort the developer has put into hyping up CoD fans worldwide ready for the Warzone Mobile launch this month. You can view the trailer above.

Pre-Registration Bonuses

As we get closer to the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Release Date, time is running out to pre-register and claim the special bonuses you will receive on launch. Activision have created the handy graphic above to show the milestone goals for pre-registered users that have currently been achieved, allowing all that pre-register to access these items upon game launch. They include the Ghost ‘Condemned’ Operator Skin, the M4 “Archfiend” and X12 “Prince of Hell” Weapon Blueprints, the “Foe’s Flame” Vinyl and the “Dark Familiar” Emblem.

Fans can sign up at before the Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Release Date of March 21st to receive all of these pre-registration perks in game. Furthermore, players can stay up to date with our news section at GameMyst here as we will report the latest Call of Duty news, as well as creating guides and weapons builds to maximize your Warzone experience and help you rack up those battle royale wins.

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