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Valorant Leaks Reveal New Kuronami Skin Bundle

Valorant's Omen has a similar aura as the new Kuronami skin bundle.

Valorant data leaks are a norm within the community. Many details about the game’s future get leaked regularly by the fans and this time, it’s no different. The newly leaked Kuronami bundle looks fantastic and here’s what you need to know about the skins.

Several leakers online have revealed the next big skin bundle that Riot plans to launch. The recent Overdrive bundle was liked by fans worldwide and it seems like its successor will enjoy the same love.

The new Valorant skin is currently being called “Kuronami” based on the melee from the bundle titled “Kuronami no Yaiba”. The melee is based on the historical Japanese weapon “kusarigama” which fans recognized from some of their favorite anime series.

The skin line is supposedly available in the White, Black, Purple, and Green variants. The inspect element will feature the agent spinning the melee like a propeller.

Furthermore, we will be getting a Kuronami Vandal and a Sheriff. Pictures of the Kuronami Vandal were also leaked online by leakers in the Valorant community, notably by @lalala123go and @valohabercisi.

VALORANT’s new skin Kuronami no Yaiba is a dual-wielded Kusarigama

An in-game screenshot of the melee was also released online. Although the image is blurred, we can see that it’s a dual-wielded heavy item – something that fans have grown quite fond of in recent times.

The dual-wielded Kusarigama which will be called "Kuronami no Yaiba" in Valorant.

Fans are already comparing the melee to weapons belonging to characters from popular media, including Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter and Trevor Belmont from Castlevania!

Kuronami Skin Collection Expected Release Date

While the details surrounding the release of the Kuronami bundle are still unknown, it is expected to drop after Overdrive Collection leaves the store. The Episode Seven edition of Run It Back may hit the store before the Kuronami skins.

With the VCT season making its return and pro players hopping orgs, the Valorant hype train is moving in full force!

We think the Kuronami bundle is a worthy successor to the iconic Reaver bundle. Do you think so too?

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