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Genshin Impact: Best Teams For Farming & Exploration

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Exploring huge regions of Teyvat in Genshin Impact can be a chore sometimes, especially when farming resources and climbing cliffs just to get a few items. Fortunately, Genshin Impact has characters that not only make it easier to explore but also speed up the farming process drastically, with the help of their passive or active talents. Keep reading as we discuss 5 best exploration teams that will make collecting materials much more efficient.

Table of Contents

This guide will include both 4-star and 5-star units that have resource finding passive talents as well as units that reduce stamina while sprinting. Furthermore, it also includes units that decrease swimming stamina costs and have active talents that make it climbing and traversing through tough spots on the map easier.

Fontaine Farming Teams

Team 1: Furina + Lyney + Neuvillette + Yelan


Furina can walk on water indefinitely, thanks to her elemental skill, making her an ideal unit for exploration not only in Fontaine but all the other nations as well. Teaming up with her is Lyney, whose passive talent displays Fontaine resources on the mini-map. When it comes to underwater exploration, Furina has an additional passive talent that decreases cooldown of underwater abilities by 30%, this will make underwater combat much more fast-paced. Aiding her is Neuvillette who decreases underwater sprint speed for your own party members by 15%. And lastly, Yelan whose elemental skill grants her super speed on land and does not consume stamina, you can substitute her with other characters that have similar skills like Sayu or Lynette.

Team 2 (F2P): Lyney + Freminet + Sayu + Kirara


Lyney is the only character as of Genshin Impact 4.2 who has passive talent for displaying Fontaine resources on the minimap to own party members. Next in the Fontaine exploration team is Freminet who decreases aquatic stamina consumption of party members by 35%. Whereas, Sayu and Kirara are great for exploring land area of Fontaine.

Sumeru Farming Teams

Team 1: Tighnari + Nahida + Kazuha + Sayu


Tighnari’s passive talent Encyclopedic Knowledge displays the location of nearby resources unique to Sumeru on the mini-map. Quite a useful talent if you are trying to farm Nilotpala Lotus and other Sumeru materials quickly. Since Tighnari is a standard banner character, there are chances that most F2P players also have him. Nahida will make harvesting from distance easier, especially when farming Sumeru speciality, Kalpalata Lotus which grows on cliff sides. However, if you don’t have Nahida, you can use Kirara instead, she climbs cliffs quite fast at very low stamina cost with her elemental skill. Kazuha for additional vertical mobility and Sayu for fast mobility on land.

Team 2 (F2P): Tighnari + Kirara + Lynette + Geo Traveler

TighnariKiraraLynetteGeo Traveller

If you don’t have Tighnari, you’ll just have to use the interactive map to farm Sumeru specialties. Next, Kirara is quite good for scaling cliffs at a very low stamina cost. Lynette’s elemental skill allows her to sprint forward very fast while consuming no stamina and players can get her for free once they reach AR 25. You can use Traveller’s Geo construct to gain height and use it as a platform to recover stamina while climbing cliffs, yes you can attach geo construct on cliff sides.

Inazuma Farming Teams

Team 1: Kirara + Gorou + Kazuha + Nahida

KiraraGorouKaedehara Kazuha

Kazuha decreases sprinting stamina consumption of own party members by 20% and is one of the best units for vertical movement in the game. His elemental skill Chihayaburu launches him in the air which player can use to climb cliffs, mountains, and other tall structures. This skill can also be used mid-air, allowing player to glide longer distances and cover more area. Next, we have Gorou, whose passive talent Seeker of Shinies will display the location of nearby resources unique to Inazuma on the mini-map. Holding Kirara’s elemental skill Meow-teor Kick will transform her into an express delivery box, while in this state, her movement speed is drastically increased and she consumes no stamina. This skill is not only great for traversing fast on land but also good for scaling cliffs fast. Nahida’s utility passive allows her elemental skill to collect harvestable items within the range of her attack.

Team 2 (F2P) : Gorou + Sayu + Lynette + Geo Traveller

GorouSayuLynetteGeo Traveller

Gorou is the only unit in the game that shows Inazuma resources on the mini-map, so he is an indispensable part of Inazuma exploration teams. If you don’t have him, use the Hoyolab interactive map. Sayu and Lynette have similar abilities for fast sprinting, whereas Geo traveller makes gaining altitude easier.

Liyue Farming Teams

Team 1: Qiqi + Yelan + Zhongli + Ningguang


Qiqi’s utility passive displays Liyue resources on the mini-map, and Yelan in the team will help by sprinting incredibly fast. Liyue has a lot of cliffs so Zhongli will be really useful for gaining altitudes with his Geo Pillars, you can team him up with Kazuha for additional mobility. Zhongli is also great for farming forging ores with his elemental skill, much more efficient than switching to Claymore characters. Last is Ningguag who displays location of all nearby ores on the mini-map, and perfectly synergizes with Zhongli in the team when exploring.

Team 2 (F2P): Yanfei + Sayu + Ningguang + Kirara


Yanfei has the same passive talent as Qiqi which displays location of nearby resources unique to Liyue on the mini-map. Sayu’s fast mobility combined with Ningguang and Yanfei’s utility talents make them a great team for exploring Liyue. Lastly, Kirara who scales cliffs fast and consumes very little stamina, if you don’t have her you can use Geo Traveler to make platforms on the cliff sides and climb with them.

Monstadt Farming Teams

Team 1: Klee + Venti + Zhongli + Mona


Klee’s utility passive displays resources unique to Monstadt on the mini-map, the only other character in the game with this talent is Mika. Venti’s elemental skill shoots him up in the air, this vertical mobility is quite useful in every map an can be a great substitute for Kazuha in both battles and exploration. Adding Zhongli to this team makes it even more efficient. Lastly, Mona with her alternate sprint can move with high speed on both water and land. She can be replaced with Ayaka, who has similar alternate sprint talent.

Team 2 (F2P): Mika +Lynette + Kirara + Kaeya


Mika is a 4-star cyro catalyst, with the same utility talent as Klee, putting her in your Monstadt exploration team will show you all the local resources, except for forging ores on the mini-map. Lynette and Kirara are great for conserving stamina while running on the land. Kaeya helps with creating ice-bridges, although slow his elemental skill can get you across large water bodies.

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