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Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War Expected to be Revealed at Xbox Showcase

Call of Duty Cold War Heli

According to reports from both The Verge and Insider Gaming, the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War is expected to be revealed at this year’s Xbox Showcase event.

Taking place this June, Xbox Showcase is Microsoft’s ultimate Summer show to drum up hype for the top upcoming Xbox titles. Multiple insiders have reported that Treyarch plans to officially unveil the next Call of Duty installment there. From previous leaks, rumours and reports, we already know quite a lot about 2024’s iteration of the FPS series. Expected to be set in the Gulf War and titled as part of the “Black Ops” series, Black Ops Gulf War is expected to release this October.

The 2024 Xbox Showcase has been officially announced for this June, with rumours circulating that the exact date of the event will be Sunday June 9th. While nothing has been officially announced, many of the same leakers and reporters that have brought much of the information on Black Ops Gulf War to light have also claimed that older Call of Duty titles will be coming to Microsoft’s Game Pass.

It’s been largely rumoured that Microsoft plans to bring much more Activision Blizzard titles to Game Pass, including several Call of Duty titles. With this possibly being officially revealed at 2024’s Xbox Showcase, it would make perfect sense for this event to also feature the full reveal of Black Ops Gulf War, especially with the expected October release date just 4 months later.

However, some of the reporters have said that they believe it could in fact be revealed slightly sooner. While many point at Xbox Showcase for the official announcement of Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War, some have also reported that we can expect to see it before June’s Summer Game Fest. Summer Game Fest falls on June 7th, two days before the rumoured date for Xbox Showcase.

Whether it is unveiled at Xbox Showcase, Summer Game Fest or even slightly before either as some rumours suggest, we have a lot to look forward to. Black Ops Gulf War looks set to be a very exciting entry to the series. Utilizing an early 90’s era for it’s setting and with round-based zombies expected to make a full return, Treyarch seems determined to entice as many long term Call of Duty fans as possible to play the upcoming Black Ops Gulf War.