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Upcoming 2024 Call of Duty Release is Set During Gulf War, Part of ‘Black Ops’ Series: Leaks, Rumours and Info

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According to recent reports, the upcoming 2024 Call of Duty release is to be set during the Gulf War. Call of Duty has long kept a consistent schedule of yearly releases, with the upcoming game being developed by Treyarch, as expected. Whilst the exact title is currently unconfirmed, lots of info has been reported regarding the upcoming 2024 Call of Duty release from Treyarch, currently referred to commonly as “Black Ops 6” which we have compiled below.

Which Era Will 2024’s Call of Duty Release Be Set?

According to several leaked reports, including from Windows Central, the upcoming 2024 Call of Duty release will be set during the Gulf War. The Gulf War took place between 1990-1991, with the conflict taking place between Iraq, led by Saddamn Hussein and a 42-nation coalition, led by the United States.

As such, players can expect period appropriate weapons of the early 90’s to be featured in the upcoming Call of Duty. The Call of Duty series has often gravitated towards to very different ends of the spectrum, bouncing between World War 2 and modern day warfare with current weapons. Call of Duty has even attempted delving into futuristic warfare, such as in the polarizing 2014 installment “Advanced Warfare”. As such, a Gulf War setting somewhat bucks the expected trends for a Call of Duty setting and will likely prove an interesting and entertaining installment in the series.

When Will 2024’s Call of Duty Release?

While we don’t currently have an officially confirmed release date, we do have a good idea of the expected release window for the upcoming Call of Duty. Recently, Inverse posted an article in which they reported that Xbox’s Phil Spencer told his employees “It would be safe to assume another Call of Duty was coming this October.” This matches up with our usual schedule for yearly Call of Duty releases, which have a tendency to fall between late October to early November each year.

With the release of Warzone Mobile during the first quarter of this year, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if the main Call of Duty release for the year took a slight delay. However, it seems that as a result of the multiple developers working on the series, the release schedule is set to remain on track and uninterrupted, despite the additional installment in this year’s releases.

Early Access and Pre-Orders

Starting with 2022’s Modern Warfare 2, developed by Activision, the Call of Duty series has often granted additional bonuses including early access to the game itself for gamers who wish to pre-order it in advance. According to reports from Windows Central regarding the upcoming release, this is also planned for the upcoming 2024 Call of Duty release from Treyarch.

While the bonuses are unconfirmed, early rumours have suggested that a “Large pre-order bonus” is planned for the upcoming installment. These are said to potentially include an early access bonus of several days for the main game, and possibly even weeks of early access for some of the additional game modes.

Round Based Zombies Rumoured to Return

Another very welcome rumour from the leaks and reports is that the fan-favourite Zombies game mode will return in Call of Duty’s 2024 release.

Although it is likely to still include the much-loved zombies mode featured in the recent Modern Warfare 3, Treyarch is said to also be adding the more traditional round-based zombies mode into ‘Black Ops 6’.

With two round-based maps apparently planned to be featured in the game upon release, it is likely that this will be the first Call of Duty to feature both the traditional round-based zombies mode as well as the more recent open world zombies format, giving players the choice of whichever zombies experience will be most enjoyable for them.

Leaked Concept Art

Long time gaming leaker “Reality” also posted these images recently. Whilst leaks must always be taken with a pinch of salt, they do seem to match the expected Gulf War setting for the upcoming Call of Duty release. The map in the image above, was apparently nicknamed “Stealth”, whilst the map in the image below was nicknamed “Pillage”. Both have appropriate weapons and vehicles for the 1990’s era in which we expect to see the new Call of Duty installment taking place. Furthermore, these concept art images were apparently discovered by the leaker among the files for Warzone Mobile, adding to their credibility.


While we still have an expected 6 full months before the new Call of Duty is expected to release, we already have lots of interesting information pointing towards a very unique and exciting release. With the title currently unconfirmed, from the leaks we do know that it is likely set in the Cold War era and expected to release in October 2024.

With round-based Zombies also rumoured to be returning, Call of Duty’s 2024 release is certainly looking to be an all-around exciting experience and we look forward to reporting more news, rumours and leaks as the information becomes available.

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