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EA FC 24 TOTS Controversy Causes Mass Boycott

FC 24 Players Call for Boycott Due to Mbappe Red Glitch

With the EA FC 24 TOTS event currently underway, a new glitch has caused a mass outrage among players, leading to mass unrest as well as calls to boycott from popular community members. As highlighted in the video below from Makatore is what’s known as the FC 24 Red Mbappe Glitch. It seems that the red picks for FC 24 are currently broken, with everyone who plays over this weekend receiving either Mbappe or Dembele. The red Mbappe is by far the best card available in FUT, even including all the known TOTS players releasing.

Red Mbappe Glitch demonstrated by Makatore on YouTube.

Lots of FC 24 players pushing to unlock the best picks in FUT are incredibly disappointed with the issue faced over the red Mbappe glitch, with it’s perceived unfairness proving massively demotivating to those who haven’t been able to receive the star PSG player.

This has led to calls from several popular FUT content creators to stage a boycott over the coming weeks as a direct protest against EA’s poor management of community events and the lack of improvements made to the series. Perhaps the most scathing of these from a popular creator has come from NickRTFM on X (Formerly Twitter), who called on people to protest in a profanity-laden outburst on the platform. We apologize for any offensive language in the following quotes.

NickRTFM Outburst on X calling for a protest against FC 24

With the EA FC 24 TOTS currently in full swing, almost a month is left according to the leaked schedule we have. Being by far the biggest annual event in EA’s football game, anything that marrs the experience for players and causes controversy like this is sure to be a massive blow as attention and scrutiny over FUT is greatly increased due to the highly competitive nature of the event.

In fact, in what will certainly be a blow to EA during the FC 24 TOTS event, the player outrage is spreading rapidly through online communities too. One of the most popular posts currently on the FIFA Ultimate Team subreddit calls on players to join the boycott, with several comments agreeing with the widespread dissatisfaction.

We hope that EA can resolve the issues that have upset so many FC 24 players so that players can get back to enjoying the Team of The Season event in full, which is currently focused on Ligue 1 for this week.

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