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FC 24 TOTS Schedule Leaks


One more in a swarm of leaks of the upcoming FC 24 TOTS event, we now have the apparent schedule for Team of The Season.

The excitment is palpable with TOTS Live already currently running. Now, as we know that the Team of The Season event will kick off on April 26th, further leaks have now confirmed the expected schedule for this year’s TOTS event.

Claiming that the Bundesliga will be the only TOTS based on votes, FUT Camp showed off that the current schedule has 7 weeks of football in store for us, running from April 26th until June 7th. Of course, these are leaks, and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt, however FUT Camp has usually proved to be very reliable with FUT leaks over a long period of time, so the leaks are likely to prove correct.

Current FC 24 TOTS Schedule Leaks:

  • TOTS Live – April 19
  • Premier League TOTS – April 26
  • Bundesliga TOTS – May 3
  • Ligue 1 TOTS – May 10
  • La Liga TOTS – May 17
  • Serie A TOTS – May 24
  • Ultimate TOTS – May 31

With red picks currently available in FUT Champs rewards for FC 24 TOTS, we’re looking forward to the full Team of The Season event featuring several blue cards for us to aim for.

Other prominent leaks coming out today regarding the upcoming event include the FC 24 Mixed League leaks, which leakers claim will be dropped weekly throughout the event. As well as this, we have leaks for the FC 24 TOTS Premier League players, of which several are already known, ahead of the Premier League kicking off week one of TOTS according to the leaked schedule.

If you haven’t started already, it’s definitely time to get to saving your packs ready for this 7 week long ultimate team event!