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FC 24 TOTS Mixed Leagues Leaked


Elsewhere, we’ve already looked into the current leaks for the Premier League players expected to come to FC 24 TOTS.

Currently, the TOTS live cards are currently available. Now, while we wait on the official squads to release with the start of FC 24 Team of The Season on April 26th, leaks are coming quickly and consistently as long-time FIFA fans look forward to the big annual event.

While all leaks do have to be taken with a pinch of salt until officially confirmed, FUT Camp on X (Formerly Twitter) have proven to be long-time reliable leakers in the community. In a recent post on X, the leaking team confirmed the expected mixed league that TOTS cards will come from, which we have below:

  • Eredivisie
  • Super Lig
  • Liga Portugal
  • MLS
  • EFL
  • Roshn Saudi League
  • Scotland Premiership
  • Germany 2. Bundesliga
  • Switzerland Super League
  • Austria
  • Bundesliga
  • Poland Ekstraklasa
  • Sweden Allsvenskan
  • Belgian Pro League

The team at FUT Camp also claim that the mixed league TOTS cards will be dropped weekly throughout the FC 24 TOTS event.

Of course, as of now all leaks are not yet confirmed. EA currently has only made the TOTS live cards available in FC 24 Ultimate Team. However, the leaks are definitely a very useful resource for players.

By getting the advance notice of the upcoming players and leagues to feature in the FC 24 TOTS event, it allows us to think more carefully about how we approach the upcoming annual promotion, to ensure that we truly get the best out of it to try and maximize our drops and build the strongest team possible.

Ahead of the event, the FC 24 TOTS Schedule has also now leaked.