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10 Best Young Strikers in EA FC 24 Career Mode For Growth


Despite it’s name change from the usual “FIFA” to FC 24, this year’s iteration of the football game from EA Sports is simply another yearly update to the popular series. As always with the new yearly installments the player ratings have been updated. One of the most difficult issues in career mode is ensuring you get value for money when building up your team. A strong attacking force is critical to scoring goals and winning games. In this article, I’m going to help break down some of the strikers with the best young strikers in EA FC 24’s career mode.

This will be based on their overall potential and level of growth possible for these wonderkid players. Hopefully, this will therefore help you greatly with finding value for money in the transfer window as you build your ultimate 11.

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10. Julien Duranville

While he has one of the highest potential overall’s on our list, we’re ranking him in 10th purely because of how low his initial overall skill rating is at the start of the game. At just 17 years old, the real-life Borussia Dortmund Prospect has only played one match so far in the Bundesliga. As such and with taking his age into account, it’s understandable that he has the lowest initial overall rating on our list.

When you start your career mode in the latest game, Duranville has a very low skill-rating of just 66. However, this makes him without doubt one of the absolute best young players in EA FC 24 and a complete no-brainer purchase. Despite the low initial skill-rating, Duranvill proves to be a wonderkid in game, capable of reaching a stunning potential overall skill level of 87. Some players anecdotally have managed to get him past the game’s stated maximum potential by a further 4 points, all the way to a 91 overall!

It will take a few years in your career mode to develop Duranville to reach his full potential, but thanks to his low initial overall, his starting value is an incredibly cheap €2.7 Million. According to reports from some users who have bought the wonderkid early, you can have him reaching his full potential in-game by age 21. This of course makes it a rather long-winded process to make him into a worthwhile player for your top squad. It is undoubtedly worth it though, as with his young age you will then have a home-grown world class striker available on your team, with a value that will rise easily above €100,000,000 should you decide to sell and replace him with another talent making the player a wonderful investment.

9. Antonio Nusa

Coming in at #9 on our list is the 18 year-old prospect from Norway’s “Club Brugge”. Antonio Nusa has an initial overall rating of 71, which helps keep his initial value low. When you start your career mode, Nusa will be valued at a very low €3.3 Million.

A few years of development in your team however and you can turn him into a staple of your first team. Nusa has a potential overall of 88 and is initially interchangeable in the LM, LW and RM positions. One of the benefits of finding one of the best young strikers in EA FC 24 when it comes to age, value and potential however, is that you can develop him to suit your own clubs needs. To change Nusa from a potentially strong attacker on the wings into a central striker should you wish to do so would be a very simple task.

8. Johan Bakayoko

Currently a rising star in the football world, at just 20 years old PSV Eindhoven winger Johan Bakayoko has captured the attention of Tottenham, who hope to sign the prospect in real life.

In FC 24, he makes just as interesting of a prospect to sign for your career mode team. Bakayoko is considered by some FIFA players to be something of a hidden gem. With an initial overall of 78, he’s got by far the highest initial overall of the three players listed in this article so far. He’s also the oldest of the three and for this reason lots of people wouldn’t expect him to have the level of growth possible.

However, Bakayoko is certainly interchangeable as both one of the best young wingers in EA FC 24, as well as one of the best young strikers. This is due to him having a maxed-out star rating on both his skill moves and weak foot from the beginning of the game. The player also features two unique traits, in his ability to both complete swerve pass and giant throw-in’s.

With an overall potential of 87, Bakayoko won’t come to your team particularly cheap. He in fact has a starting price of €33 Million. But with an initial ranking of 78, he’ll slot nicely in as a first-team player immediately in many top teams, with a unique skillset and the growth potential to make him world class. We therefore believe him to be an exceptionally good young player to purchase for your attacking force and truly worth every penny.

7. Alejandro Garnacho Ferreyra

Alejandro Garnacho Ferreya’s career in real-life has already been off to an exceptional start. The 19 year-old Manchester United player has already been likened to a young Cristiano Ronaldo by the club legend, Paul Scholes.

Current Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag also went on record in November 2023 following Garnacho’s goal versus Everton to state the player was capable of greatness. In FC 24, it pays for you to have the same faith in Garnacho’s future in building up your squad.

With an initial overall of just 74, Garnacho finds himself just short of reaching top first team quality in FC 24. However, with a potential overall rating of 87, that makes his €10 Million value in career mode an incredibly smart purchase.

6. Tommaso Baldanzi

Coming in at #6 on our list of best young strikers in EA FC 24 is none other than Empoli’s Tommaso Baldanzi. With an initial overall of 77 at age 20, Baldanzi will fit right in as a first-team player at many clubs seeking a good value forward.

Starting at an initial value of €25 Million, Baldanzi can reach a very strong overall potential skill level of 87. With his high attacking work rate, the player also has flawless initial stats in both the skill moves and weak foot categories.

When you combine all of these factors, it becomes clear that the short and lean, left-footed 5’6″ striker is an ideal young striker to purchase in FC 24. This is only further improved by his special traits, allowing both long throw-in’s, giant throw-in’s and swerve passing.

5. Anssumane Fati

The up-and-coming prospect for FC Barcelona comes in at #5 on our list. While Fati doesn’t come particularly cheap, he’s ready to go from the start. With an initial overall of 78 and a price of €33.8M, the Barcelona forward is first team ready at most clubs.

With a growth potential overall of 88, Fati is one of the best young strikers in EA FC 24 for potential growth. This is because not only does he start off with an initially above average skill level, but he is then able to grow the ten points to become a world class player. Once you combine these with his unique traits of being a team player and his outside foot shot capabilities makes an incredibly strong buy.

Fati is also interchangeable between being a striker, left midfielder or central attacking midfielder.

4. Mathys Tel

Bayern München have been enamoured with the natural skill and talent of the up-and-coming striker in real life. In September 2023, the player won the votes of FC Bayern’s fans for the goal of the month with his debut strike against Manchester United to win the champions league bout at 4-2.

The 18 year old player proves just as stunning a prospect in FC 24. With a high attacking work rate and a somewhat low initial overall of just 73, Mathys Tel is available at a price of just €7.6 Million.

The price proves to be a rather incredible bargain as the player has one of the very highest growth potentials in the game. Tel can reach a potential overall of 88 and has flawless weak foot and skill move ratings. He’s simply a no-brainer for a growing squad as Tel’s world class potential and low initial cost makes him one of the best young strikers in EA FC 24 to sign.

3. Xavi Simons

Without doubt the priciest entry on this list so far. Coming in at #3 on our rankings is RB Liepzig’s Central Attacking Midfielder, Xavi Simons.

Xavi is originally priced at a €61.6 Million. With an 81 overall at age 20, this price seems pretty reasonable. However, we believe it’s actually quite a bargain.

Simons has incredible player movement with very high sprint speed and acceleration from the outset. As well as this, he can grow to a full potential of a truly world-class 89, with his incredible pace growing as the rest of his stats do. The player is also just as comfortable on either the left or right wing as he is in central midfield. If you wanted to make him a dedicated striker as well, it would be a very short process to change him to play in such a position.

While just from the stats alone Simons seems like potentially one of the best young strikers in EA FC 24 to purchase, it only paints part of his story. Xavi also has both high attacking and defending work rates, flawless skill move and weak foot stats and the acrobat speciality.

Xavi Simons has an extensive list of traits that make him a force to be reckoned with. These are: Team Player, Second Wind, Swerve Pass, Giant Throw-in, Finesse Shot and Power Free-Kick.

2. Rasmus Højlund

Despite having a lower overall than our #3 ranking, we belive Højlund very firmly earns his spot in second among the best young strikers in EA FC 24.

Starting with an initial overall of 77, you can pick up Manchester United’s rising star at a value of €27.8 Million. He has a medium attacking work rate and a high defensive work rate. As well as this, Rasmus Højlund has the Swerve Pass and Outside Foot Shot traits.

At an age of just 20 years old, the player has a peak potential of 89, making him a true steal at his initial pricing.

1. Pablo Martín Páez Gavira

While he can be hard to sign due to his “One Club Player” trait making him extra loyal to FC Barcelona, there could be no other for our #1 choice on this list.

Páez Gavira has an initial overall of 83 at an age of just 18. Just as comfortable on the left wing as in his main role of CM, his young age makes him very malleable to any attacking position you would like to transition him into.

Considering his age and 83 overall, it should be no surprise that he’s the most expensive player on our list too. €74.7 Million stands as the players initial value, though you can expect to have to offer more to convince him to leave his beloved FC Barcelona for your own club.

The potential of Páez Gavira truly leaves nothing to be desired. The player can reach the phenomenal overall skill level of 91. He also rather uniquely has both the acrobat and dribbler specialities.

Aside from the potentially negative (When trying to sign him at least) one club player trait, Gavira’s traits also help make him a ruthless attacker. He has the traits of Outside Foot Shot, Finesse Shot and GK Long Throw.


While we’ve covered attack here, your team has to be rounded out thoroughly to become one of the best. As such, we have also written similar articles to help you in building your ultimate young team in FC 24. If you’d like to find information on more players with great potential for rounding out your squad, then check out some of our other young player articles below:

We hope that this article has helped you in building up a strong young attacking section. We’ve taken the time to find the best young strikers in FC 24 for you in this article, based upon both their age, initial and potential overalls and of course, value for money.

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