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Stellar Blade: Plan To Clean The Earth Complete Walkthrough

Starting Plan to Clean the Earth Quest

The Ticker, Buzzer, and Clunker Scrapyard puzzle in Stellar Blade is a part of “Plan To Clean The Earth” side quest, which takes place in the game’s Wasteland region. This guide will walk you through the entire quest’s completion.

Completing the “Plan to Clean The Earth” sidequest will unlock a new shop where Eve can purchase various items for crafting and mission purposes. This shop will also sell glasses for Eve as well as one of the three Mind Map copies.

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How to start Plan To Clean The Earth sidequest?

Eve will receive a distress signal when exploring the Wasteland region in Stellar Blade which will prompt Adam to suggest her to follow the signal. To start the quest, players must venture to the northmost part of the said region as marked in the map below. Once in the Scrapyard, talk to the robot D1G-g2r to start “Plan to Clean The Earth” quest.

Scrapyard location in Stellar Blade's Map

D1G-g2r will ask you to help him by resetting the claw crane’s control system. To reset the claw crane’s system successfully you will have to operate Ticker, Buzzer, and Clunker in the given order. This can be solved with bit a platforming around the Scrapyard while paying attention to the right order. Unlocking double jump skill first can make this and other platforming quests a lot easier.


Eve pushing a crate in Stellar Blade

Take the left path from D1G g2R’s location and operate the nearby movable block. Next, push the block towards the yellow beams on the wall to get to Ticker.

Stellar Blade in-game screenshot showcasing Eve and Ticker machine

After using the beams, you will reach this area shown in the picture above where the Ticker is located. Simply push the button to activate it. Now get back to center of scrapyard to activate rest of the machines.


In-game screenshot of Stellar Blade showcasing Movable block near Buzzer Machine

To reach Buzzer, use the movable block on the ground to climb the platform leading to higher surface.

Second surface leading to Buzzer machine in Stellar Blade

Once you are up, you’ll need to push this small cart on the square with small lights ahead of it. This will open the door for you to perform the next step.

Once the fence is open, push the nearby big cart inside it so you can jump up to reach Buzzer.

in-game screenshot showcasing Buzzer machine & Eve in Stellar Blade

Once you are up, press the button on Buzzer to activate it and head down to get to clunker.


Lastly to reach Clunker you need to first open the big gate by pushing the two small cart on the pressure plates.

Once the gate is open, bring the movable big crate inside, place it near the broken ladder and climb up to reach Clunker.

Stellar Blade's Eve & controls to Clunker machine

Once you are on top, activate Clunker by pressing R2 which will mark the end of Ticker, Buzzer, and Clunker quest puzzle.

Concluding the Quest & Rewards

After activating Ticker, Buzzer and Clunker in the correct order a small cutscene will play. Once that ends, go back to D1G-g2r, hear his dialogue and collect your rewards. Make sure you have enough currency to purchase various items available in D1G-g2r’s shop. Some of the items he sells here are very valuable.

In-game screenshot showcasing rewards gained from Plan To Clean The Earth quest in Stellar Blade

If you are low on currency to buy items from the Scrapyard Shop, you can farm it in the Wasteland region. D1G-g2r’s shop accepts Micro Motor, Micro Coil and other items dropped by nearby robot Naytiba Warriors. You’ll need Vitcoin to purchase Eve’s glasses from the shop, though, and new shop items will be unlocked as you grow affinity with the merchant. Stellar Blade is now out on PS5 as an exclusive title to the console .