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Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War to Reintroduce Black Ops 4 Content, According to Prominent Leaker

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

2024’s upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War, which is expected to be unveiled during June’s Xbox Showcase, will reintroduce content from Black Ops 4, according to a prominent Call of Duty leaker.

A user on X, formerly known as Twitter, posed the question, “What if COD 2024 is doing a Black Ops 4?” This gained the attention of longtime Call of Duty leaker “alanthethird_90”. Alan promptly replied:

While all leaks do need to be taken with a grain of salt, it has been a common feature of the Treyarch series to return features from their older “Black Ops” games in new installments to the CoD series. With Treyarch developing the upcoming 2024 Call of Duty, it is certainly likely to see throwbacks from earlier entries in the Black Ops Gulf War CoD game.

What to Expect From Black Ops 4 Additions?

2018’s Black Ops 4 introduced a lot of different in-game mechanics, to a very mixed and polarizing reception. The multiplayer shake-ups in Black Ops 4 included the additions of field upgrades such as Shield. The new perk system as well as the field upgrades made multiplayer gameplay on Black Ops 4 wildly different to a lot of the previous entries of the series.

However, perhaps the biggest change to multiplayer, was the way that Black Ops 4 changed movement for players. After Black Ops 3’s “Advanced Movement” system which featured double-jumps and wall running proved incredibly divisive with CoD players, Black Ops 4 totally revamped the movement mechanics to a more refined, traditional style.

With Black Ops Gulf War apparently returning content from Black Ops 4, we can’t be sure which of the multiplayer elements will be reintroduced.

However, we can be pretty certain that a singleplayer campaign will feature in Black Ops Gulf War. This is a very welcome change from the initial Black Ops 4, which became the first Call of Duty game not to feature a singleplayer campaign, much to the dismay of long-time fans. IGN did a piece on the cancelled campaign that was initially going to feature in Black Ops 4.

A different prominent Call of Duty leaker, known as @ForwardLeaks on X, recently posted a screenshot of some files relating to the upcoming Black Ops Gulf War.

@ForwardLeaks post on X shows that the leaked files for Gulf War, codenamed “Cerberus”, feature not just “Cerberus Multiplayer” but also “Cerberus Campaign”, so we can expect that alongside the many expected features for CoD 2024, including the return of round-base zombies, we will have a singleplayer campaign. This is a clear deviation from Black Ops 4 which fans will certainly be happy about.