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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Free Weekend Begins Today

Modern Warfare 3 Skin

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Free Weekend is set to begin today. Lasting 4 full days, the free weekend is set to end on April 8th. The free weekend is designed to give players that haven’t yet purchased the latest Call of Duty a chance to try out the newly released content for Season 3. This will allow you ample time to try out the newly-released maps on multiple of the game’s most popular modes.

Content Available in the Modern Warfare 3 Free Weekend

Fans of the Zombies mode in Call of Duty will get to enjoy Modern Warfare 3’s take on the mode, as it has been included as one of the playable game modes for the free weekend. However, multiple of the more traditional game modes will also be available.

The Modern Warfare 3 free weekend for multiplayer also includes five of the core 6v6 game modes. This includes the brand new to MW3 mode, “Capture The Flag”, which was introduced as part of yesterday’s Season 3 update. These modes will be played on 6 different maps, which include Das Haus, Stash House and Rust, as well as the brand new Emergency map.

New Content For Season 3

The free weekend for Modern Warfare 3 immediately follows yesterday’s huge Season 3 update. In the Season 3 release, a large swathe of new content was added to both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone 2.

The Season 3 update added six new maps for 6v6 game modes. These are Emergency, 6 Star, Grime, Tanked, Growhouse, and Checkpoint. Further, the Capture The Flag mode finally returned to Call of Duty in Modern Warfare 3’s Season 3 update, with the Minefield and Escort game modes set to return in Season 3’s “Reloaded” update further down the line.

In the Call of Duty store, both Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 has also had multiple new operators added in the latest season update. Three different bundles celebrating the latest Godzilla X Kong movie have been added to that game, as well as a Cheech and Chong Tracer Pack. As well as this, players will now be able to access even more new weapons in the game. New operators were also added, with Banshee, Hush and Snoop Dogg joining the MW3 and Warzone 2 rosters.

For Warzone 2, Resurgence Mode has also made a return in the Season 3 update. As expected, Resurgence Mode’s return brings with it the Rebirth Island map, finally now available in Warzone 2. Rebirth Island also has some new features in it’s Warzone 2 iteration, such as a Biometric Scanner, Smart Displays and a field upgrade of Squad Rage.


It’s been a busy time in the news for Call of Duty lately, with the recent release of Warzone Mobile. Multiple leaked images from the files of Warzone Mobile also appeared to show some early glimpses of maps for the upcoming Call of Duty release later this year, which is expected to be part of the ‘Black Ops’ series and centered around the Gulf War.

Modern Warfare 3’s Free Weekend will run from April 4th – April 8th across all platforms.