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F1 24: Supercars and Paul Ricard Track Removed in Latest Installment

F1 24 Removes F1 Life Supercars and Paul Ricard Track

First introduced in the F1 Life mode back in F1 22 was the addition of supercars in the Formula 1 series. Through F1 22 and F1 23, you could unlock a range of supercars throughout your F1 career. Race weekends would also have challenges to be completed in these cars, which would grant you a small amount of additional in-game funds and acclaim in return for their completion.

However, the supercars addition fell flat with F1 players. The bonuses granted by completing their challenges in race weekends were pitiful, making many racers find the challenges pointless. This wasn’t helped by the handling of the cars often feeling dull and unresponsive, making them often frustrating and boring to drive. Perhaps the biggest issue however, was that there wasn’t really anything to do with the supercars.

While they stayed an extra year beyond F1 22 and made a return in F1 23, the format of supercars remained unchanged, with them still remaining only available to display in your F1 Life home or use in race weekend challenges. The lack of an ability to actually race these supercars, in a game focused entirely around motorsports, further cemented their unpopularity.

Confirmed Removal of Supercars in F1 24

In today’s interview with Race Department’s Overtake, the Senior Creative Director for the F1 games, Lee Mather, has confirmed that supercars will not return in F1 24, as they look to re-focus on Formula 1 itself in this new installment. In his interview with Overtake, Mather explained the decision in further detail:

“Supercars were relevant to something we were trying at the time,”

“We were trying to build that world around Formula 1 with F1 Life. They had a place in that year’s [F1 22] game and then we wanted to try and see if they worked well in F1 World.

“We didn’t feel that they were quite hitting the mark with the current scope of the game. They weren’t as successful a focus as we would have hoped.

“So, we’ve decided to take those out at the moment. This essentially gives us the opportunity to focus on doubling down on the authenticity this year, which is what we’re really going for.”

Removal of Paul Ricard

The other big piece of content to be removed from F1 24 is the French Grand Prix circuit, Paul Ricard. While it wasn’t part of the official career mode schedule in F1 23, as it hasn’t been raced on since 2022, the Paul Ricard circuit had still remained in the game. This allowed users customizing their own season track selection to make it part of their schedule, as well as enabling it’s use in multiplayer sessions.

However, the Portuguese Grand Prix venue, Algarve International Circuit, has remained available for players to choose in F1 24. This is definitely a surprise, as Paul Ricard’s removal follows it not being used during the 2023 or 2024 seasons, while the Portuguese circuit was last used for an F1 race all the way back in May 2021, a full 3 years ago.

Lee Mather has also confirmed that the Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone circuits have been entirely re-built from the ground up in F1 24. Jeddah and Qatar have also seen revisions, though sadly the Hungaroring has again remained untouched.

Further, after a series of controversies surrounding the lack of an anti-cheat system in F1 23, an F1 24 Anti-Cheat System is Currently Being “Trialled in Beta” according to Mather.

You can pick up F1 24 on it’s release date of May 31st on PC, PS5 and Xbox, with a wide range of pre-order bonuses currently available.