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F1 24 Anti-Cheat System Currently Being “Trialled in Beta”

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With a recent closed beta for the upcoming game, the release of F1 24 is coming up fast on the horizon. This year’s entry in fact has the earliest release of any yearly F1 iteration since Codemasters took over the franchise all the way back in 2009. However, one of the most asked questions currently is regarding whether the new installment will finally feature an anti-cheat system.

There’s been lots of controversy regarding potential cheating in the current latest game, F1 23. With the lack of a real anti-cheat system, players have been long disparaged from racing online competitively. Multiple league racing X accounts have been extremely critical of the game’s lack of anti-cheat, often making allegations against other online racers.

The issue on F1 23 has become so controversial, that it even lead to the pinnacle E-Sports league moving to a LAN format. Through this method, the E-Sports competition F1 Sim Racing have required the competitors to compete in the same location, to try and ensure fairness. However, this move has also proven extremely negative, as even the F1 Sim Racing league has faced serious technical issues that have enraged the competitors. Just earlier on today, Jake Benham, from the Mercedes F1 Sim Racing team, called it “the most unfair competition I’ve ever been in” in an outburst on X, following car-ghosting issues that plagued the team during the latest race.

For sure then, it has been extremely important to players in all settings and leagues to see measures brought forward to keep the game fair and competitive when racing online. As such, the F1 game’s Senior Creative Director Lee Mather spoke in an interview with Race Department’s Overtake today, in which he spoke about the current status of an F1 24 Anti-Cheat system.

Speaking in the interview about the introduction of an anti-cheat system, Lee Mather had this to say:

“Right now, we’re not going to give a definitive yes or no because we’re in the process of assessing how effective and suitable the product is.

“We have been trialling it in the beta, and we’re going to continue to do so. We have an anti-cheat ready to go that we’re currently in the process of working out, but it’s part of the bigger picture for us as well.

“It’s not just purely about the competitive side of things. It’s really about cleaning up the online space to create a safer place for people to go racing. This is something that EA is very big on and it’s something that we really want to try and resolve in the racing space, it can get quite heated out there. It’s also about generating positive play.”

With such a short time period left until the official release, this will definitely be a concern for players looking to compete online. As there is still currently no confirmation, we can’t yet know that there will be an F1 24 Anti-Cheat. With the system only trialled in beta according to Mather, it seems unlikely that the F1 24 release will feature a full and working anti-cheat system. As the game engine has also not been updated from the EGO engine currently used, we’ll likely be plagued with the same potential cheating issues in F1 24.

In other F1 24 news announced today, Lee Mather has confirmed both the Supercars and Paul Ricard Track Have Been Removed.