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Stellar Blade: Where To Get All Three Mind Map Copies

Stellar Blade's protagonist Eve standing beside Xion's NPC Enya

Collecting three Mind Map copies is a part of the “Looking At You” sidequest in Stellar Blade which starts in the Xion area of the game. This guide will help you locate all three Mind Map copies and other items needed to repair Enya.

The “Looking At You” mission starts when you first meet Su in The Last Gulp bar in Xion, where he asks for Eve’s help in fixing Enya, the singer of the bar. Once you accept the quest, go to Lily near the Tetrapod and talk to her about repairing Enya.

Lily will give you the following list of items to collect:

  • WP Pump x1
  • Extreme Nano Elements x10
  • Mind Map Copies x3

You can easily obtain these items with a bit of exploration in the Wasteland area. Getting double jump skill from one of the main quests first will make exploration even more seamless.

Below are the locations of all the items you need to find to repair Enya.

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Mind Map Copy #1 Location

An in-game screenshot showcasing Sisters' Junk Shop and Eve in Stellar Blade

The first Mind Map Copy can be purchased from Kaya at Sister’s Junk in the Xion region. Her shop also sells an unlimited supply of WP Pump, another item needed to fix Enya.

Mind Map Copy #2 Location

Stellar Blade game's map showing way to one of Mind Map Copy locations

The second Mind Map Copy can be found in the Western Grand Canyon in the Wasteland region, the exact location is marked below.

Eve from Stellar Blade shooting at a loot robot containing a Mind Map Copy

Once you are in the location marked on the map, you’ll find an exploding loot robot. Kill it to obtain one of the three Map Copies.

Mind Map Copy #3 Location

Eve from Stellar Blade shopping in D1G-g2r's shop in the Scrapyard

The third Mind Copy can be purchased from D1G-g2r’s shop in the Scrapyard. Players must complete the Plan to Save The Earth side quest to unlock the shop.

Extreme Nano Elements & WP Pump

Extreme Nano Elements are found throughout the chests in Stellar Blade, and at this point in the game, you should have more than enough for the quest’s completion. However, if you are short on these rare items, you can purchase them from D1G-g2r’s shop. As for WP Pump, you can buy them from Sister’s Junk.

Rewards For Completing Looking At You in Stellar Blade

Reward screen showcasing completion of Looking At You quest in Stellar Blade

After collecting all three required Mind Map copies and other items, go back to Lily to conclude the quest. A small cutscene will play when you speak to her about Enya. At the end, you will get your reward, which consists of 900 Gold, two Highly Concentrated Potions, and one Lingering Potion, along with lots of SP. This will mark the end of the Looking At You quest in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade is now available on PS5 as an exclusive title to the console .