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F1 24 Will Receive Graphics Update After Launch

f1 24 first official screenshot verstappen

Thanks to recent interviews regarding the upcoming F1 24 with the Senior Creative Lead, Lee Mather, as well as a series of deep dives, lots of news has been revealed for the latest release in the past day. While F1 24 is sticking to the same EGO Engine it’s been using for the entirety of the series’ run at Codemasters, beginning in 2009, in a move that Mather has taken to Race Department’s Overtake site to defend.

Interestingly however, with the release date close on the horizon, it seems that setting such an early release for F1 this year has left the Codemasters team unable to complete all they would like to before the May 31st launch date.

Speaking to RacingGames in another interview surrounding the soon-to-arrive F1 24, Lee Mather announced that a post-launch update will add “further visual enhancements.” Mather already confirmed in a previous interview that the EGO Engine was updated ahead of this year’s game to add dynamic diffuse global illumination (DDGI). This is going to improve the shadows, lighting and reflections, with the cars also looking more accurate thanks to brand new CAD models.

However, speaking on the F1 24 launch, Mather teased the post-launch update that will result in even further improved graphics. He teased:

“There’s a post-launch visual update planned where we’re going to be bringing in some new tech, which we’ll be able to talk about closer to launch.”

“Further visual enhancements are coming.”

This isn’t the only thing that doesn’t look like it will be completed until post-launch for F1 24. Earlier on we reported on an interview with Lee Mather, in which he stated that an F1 24 Anti-Cheat System is Currently Being “Trialled in Beta”, with no current confirmation of it being included in the upcoming game.

Interestingly, the Supercars feature for F1 Life, as well as the Paul Ricard circuit, have been confirmed to be removed in F1 24, despite the Portuguese Grand Prix circuit remaining.

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