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Lando Norris Plays F1 24 in First Look Video From Quadrant

Lando Norris Plays F1 24 For First Time in Quadrant Video

Lando Norris plays F1 24 in a brand new video from Quadrant on Youtube. With this year’s new installment set to release on May 31st, we’ve been finding out a lot about the upcoming game as the official release gets closer.

While Lando Norris has been riding high in the real Formula 1 season, following a long-sought after first win coming in the latest Miami GP, Lando Norris’ first races on F1 24 didn’t go as well. The British-born McLaren Formula 1 driver competed in two grand prix’s in the Quadrant video, the first at a dry Silverstone and the second at Belgium’s iconic Spa-Francorchamps track during a torrential downpour.

In the Silverstone F1 24 race, Lando Norris jumped the start, ultimately finding himself disqualified after he forgot to serve the penalty. An early collision leading to front wing damage in his second race ensured that the result wasn’t great in his second attempt either.

Over the course of the video, Lando talks about lots of the new features in F1 24 as he experiences them, as well as how he finds it to drive as he gets hands-on experience with the game for the first time. You can view the first look video from Quadrant below:

Notably, from recent interviews with the Senior Creative Director of F1 24, Lee Mather, we have also found out in the past week that an F1 24 Anti-Cheat System is Currently Being “Trialled in Beta”. As well, while the game does look pretty good in the Quadrant video featuring Lando Norris, we can expect further improvements. This is because it has already been confirmed that F1 24 Will Receive a Graphics Update After Launch.

One other key piece of information gleaned from the Quadrant first look video on F1 24 is the removal of Paul Ricard. While Lee Mather did confirm in another interview that the F1 Life Supercars were gone from the latest installment, it was the track selection screen on the Quadrant video that confirmed to us that despite the Portuguese GP track remaining, despite having not been used since 2021, the French Grand Prix track faces the axe in F1 24. You can view information on both of these developments in full here: F1 24: Supercars and Paul Ricard Track Removed in Latest Installment.